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We’ve all been in the position of trying to achieve some sort of physical fitness goal. We aim high, and maybe we stick to the new diet or workout or fitness regimen for a bit, but eventually, we get overwhelmed or lazy and we give up. It’s human nature. And while there certainly are several people that stick it out to the end and achieve their goal, the vast majority give up on these fitness dreams. And that’s unfortunate.

So, are the physically-fit destined to remain the Greek gods of yore, while the rest of us average citizens are meant to dwell in our physiological mediocrity for the rest of our lives? No! The main problem with the majority of fitness goals is that they are simply too lofty. When dealing with the human body, you can’t simply expect to lift a few weights and eat some leafy greens and magically be lighter and have more muscle. You have to work at it, and it takes time. A lot of time. In short, you’ll need to come up with smaller, shorter-term goals than large lofty goals. For example, “losing weight” is far too vague of a goal; instead, why not try, “lose 10 pounds in 9 months.” Much more solidified. There’s a timeline and a hard number to work towards. Here are some other examples.

Workout routine

A lot of people make the common mistake of quickly jumping into a workout regimen designed for advanced users. You can’t do this. You must be careful and work much slower; instead come up with a consistent, small schedule of workout times. Something like 15-30 minutes a day for a few days a week should do it. Then, stick to this regimen for a few weeks. As your body gets used to the physical activity, then you can start thinking about extending your workout time.

Specific goals

If you’re looking to get fit for a specific event, then you need to be realistic with yourself. Do you have a wedding to attend in three months, and you need to fit into your tuxedo or dress? Is three months enough time for you to get yourself in shape? You know yourself the best, so set realistic goals. Regardless of the goal, start off slowly with your fitness routines.