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Summer is officially in full swing! And while this time of year is spent on vacations and enjoying some relaxation, it can also be used to get fit! The winter months typically keep us locked in a gym or our houses, but when the summer comes we can leave behind our dimly lit domains and enjoy the beautiful weather while staying healthy. With that being said, I figured I would list a few ways to stay fit during the hot summer months.


Use That Grill

When we think of summertime food, we traditionally picture hamburgers, hot dogs, barbecue, and several other unhealthy foods. Who says you have to use the grill for that? You can certainly utilize your grill for healthier alternatives. You could grill vegetables, fish or chicken and it will be a healthier alternative to the standard summer fare. Staying fit starts with the food you eat, so make sure to take advantage of this warm, grill-ready weather.


Play a Sport

Obviously the best part of summer is the warm weather. The rise in temperature allows you to go outside at almost any time of day and not worry about it getting too chilly. Take advantage of this by spontaneously playing a sport. A quick pickup game of football or soccer or go to your local park and shoot a few hoops. Either way you go, you’ll certainly break a good sweat.


Use Nature as Your Personal Gym

As previously mentioned, the weather outside should be delightful. And if you can’t afford a gym membership or you just don’t want one, you can always use nature as your own personal gym. Go outside and visit a trail and go for a walk, jog or full on run, if you live near a beach, do some push ups or crunches and enjoy the refreshing ocean mist, or visit the nearby boardwalk or park and use the pull up bars to work out. Another possibility is to use the wide-open spaces of nature for a bike ride. Basically, just go outside and start working out in any way you can!