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The human body and mind are two incredibly powerful and useful tools. When they are taken care of properly, we are capable of great things. So naturally, any exercises that can actively improve the two at the same time are welcome. As someone who takes great pride in proper workout routines, I felt that I should share some incredibly useful tips and tricks on how you can boost your body and your brain.


If you want to work on cardio, then you’re probably going to go for a jog or spend some time on the elliptical. While those are perfectly fine routines in their own right, if you really want to get a hearty (no pun intended) cardio workout, then you should try dancing. Seriously, dancing is proven to help both the hippocampus as well as increase neuroplasticity. Why not start your morning off with a nice dance routine to your favorite song? It can help shake off the grogginess of the morning, while also improving your brain function.


So you’ve just finished dancing your heart out and now your pumped up and ready to go. What’s next? A run? Some lunges? Curls? No. Relax. Calm down and find your zen. Research indicates that proper breathing techniques and yoga postures can improve sustained attention. And this should come as a no brainer, but yoga is also linked to reduced stress, which is just good for everything.

Basic Strength Training

Waking up in the morning can be incredibly difficult for some. And doing some basic strength training can be a tall task in the morning, but if you can find the energy to put in a short fitness routine, you’ll benefit tremendously. If done properly, strength training can decrease anxiety, and resistance training can improve focus and cognitive function. Doing some early morning squats, side lunges and planks are all great ways to stimulate the body and brain.

Perfecting your morning routine will allow you to make the most of your day! If your mind and body are properly worked out, then you can tackle any and all of the day’s challenges. Try different styles and exercises and find what suits your needs best. Good luck!