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Waking up in the morning can be a challenge for some. It’s difficult to shake off the grogginess of a long night’s sleep and get the day started, but it’s, obviously, important. And sometimes, finding the right morning routine can lead to a successful day, which leads to a successful week, which leads to a successful…you get the point. Finding that perfect morning method can take your personal and professional successes to the next level.

So, what do some of the world’s most successful millionaires do to start off their days? Let’s find out.


This is probably the least surprising method on the list. It’s fairly well-known that millionaires take the morning to work on their physical well-being. Two well-known millionaires, Oprah Winfrey and Arianna Huffington, use their mornings to do some exercises. Oprah will do some running or flexibility training, while Ms. Huffington does yoga and meditation. If you’re not really an early bird, don’t worry, recent studies suggest that your morning workout need be no longer than 10 minutes.

Bonding time

Believe it or not, but spending quality time with your loved ones can lead to tremendous success. More specifically, spending time with loved ones allows you to feel supported and can increase productivity and success. And if this paragraph doesn’t convince you, then maybe this 75-year study on the topic by Harvard Medical School will.

Plan Your Day

You could also take your morning to plan out your day. Elon Musk likes to plan out his day in 5-minute chunks. Admittedly, that might be a bit difficult to complete larger tasks, so you might want to increase the times as needed. But it isn’t enough to simply plan the day, you should be planning with a plan. In short, plan out your day and make sure that you’ve scheduled the most difficult tasks for the times that you know you can accomplish them. If you work better in the afternoon, then schedule that tough sales presentation for that time.

These are only a few methods for working your morning routine in a way that will achieve success, whatever that looks like to you. There are certainly many other things to do with your morning. Good luck!