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Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints in any group of adults. For women, the lower back can be under a lot of strain. During the menstrual cycle, contractions can cause or amplify lower back pain. Bending over to pick up children, groceries or and pets can also add to lower back strain.

There’s also the issue of balance within the body. Often, workouts are focused on aesthetics. It’s easy to convince people to work on their abs and obliques. Everyone wants to look good in a bathing suit during beach season. Working on the back can be a tougher sell. It’s an important one, though.

Imbalances in the body can cause lots of strain and pain. For example, power cleans are a great way to develop the quads. Adding Jefferson curls, which focus on the back, provide some balance. Working the front of the body without ever paying attention to the back just leads to imbalances and can cause or aggravate injuries.

For women, there are plenty of great exercises for the lower back. These moves are a great way to strengthen and stabilize this under-loved core region. By working out the lower back, women can maintain balance throughout the body.

It’s not hard to work the lower back. There’s no equipment to purchase. All that’s needed is desire and motivation. Modified planks are a great way to get started when it comes to the lower back.

Starting from a plank position, lifting alternating arms. This challenges stability in the core. The muscles of the lower back are worked here too. Returning to a plank position, start lifting legs. Again, alternating from side to side is key.

This work is destabilizing and forces the core muscles to react and adjust continuously. This works all the small, supporting muscles in the back. These are key for balance and stability. Strengthening them can make a big difference to overall posture. It also helps people maintain equilibrium and stay away from body positions that strain the back.

Working in a prone position, doing Superman flies and pilates-style swimming can also work the lower back. These exercises use body weight. With good form, they improve alignment with none of the strain from added weights. They’re a great addition to any workout regimen.