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With well over 20 years of professional experience in the medical field, John Karwowski is a vascular surgeon practicing in Miami, Florida. His wealth of knowledge and adept medical prowess have made him a respected member and thought leader in his field. Because of his vast work and education experience, Dr. Karwowski has traveled around the country. Early in his academic career, he studied in New Jersey at Rutgers University; afterwards, he continued his academic career by attending Tufts University School of Medicine, located in Massachusetts. Later, he studied at Stanford University School of Medicine in California. John Karwowski then took his studies back across the country in New York, where he held several positions at Weill Cornell Medical Center and several other high-profile medical institutions.

This is where Dr. Karwowski spent the majority of his career. He practiced vascular surgery and gained even more experience and knowledge in his specialty. He currently resides and practices in Florida. He continues to practice vascular surgery at several institutions and is a highly revered member of the community. He loves the warm weather, gorgeous beaches and kind people of the area.

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