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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle improves physical and mental health, and increases chances for a longer, healthier life. Exercise is an important part of that, yet it’s often difficult to make time for going to the gym. In an interview with POPSUGARJoe Bach, founder of Bach Concierge Fitness, offers some ideas for using everyday, household objects to create a home gym.

Weight Resistance Training

Central to weight replacement can be milk jugs and food cans. Different size cans can vary the weight. If a full jug is too heavy, taking an empty one and filling it with water to the desired weight is a helpful trick. Cans and jugs used creatively can make different exercises surprisingly possible.

For bicep curls, cans are the best bet. If the grip is awkward, however, the milk jugs may be more comfortable. To go beyond there, using a heavy bag of pet food can make for a great two-arm curl.

For squats or lunges, a laundry basket will make things easier. It can be filled with jugs, cans, or whatever is handy to get your desired weight. The soft handles make for an easy grip. No laundry basket? A grocery bag filled with heavy items makes a good substitute.

For overhead presses, those milk jugs and cans can be held on upturned palms for an upward lift. Balancing these can be tricky, so care should be taken to avoid injury.

To work those glutes, Belgian split squats are effective. With one foot placed behind on a coffee table behind, lowering that leg’s knee to the floor while holding a jug or can at chest height can be a great workout.

Cardiovascular Workout

Cardio options can be increased by adding mountain climbers. The starting position for these is the same as the top position for push ups. The toes of the shoes are placed onto socks on a floor or paper plates on the carpet to minimize resistance. Doing repeated lunges with these provides a great total body workout.

In the end, working out at home is indeed possible. If financing or a busy life are impeding those fitness goals, everyday items at home can come to the rescue, ready to help get things started.