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We’re already well past the halfway mark in April! This means that the year is halfway completed. And that means that we need to start highlighting some of the year’s best gadgets, gizmos and devices aimed at health and fitness. One of the most underutilized items that every health and fitness aficionado can use is a running belt.

For those unaware, running belts are little pouches that runners can wear in order to store random items (smartphones, keys, water, tissues, towels, etc.). In short think of them as fanny packs. Running belts are great because they free up runners’ pockets and hands, making the running experience a bit more liberating and fun. For those who don’t run regularly, it’s no fun to have to hold your devices and personal effects in your hands when running.

So, which running belt should you get? Let’s take a look.

Nathan Zipster

The Nathan Zipster is one of the greatest running belts you can get. Not only does it allow you to keep your items on your person, but because it completely wraps around your waist, it can actually keep you warm as well. So this is definitely a running belt you should consider for the colder months. The Nathan Zipster comes with multiple pockets that are closed off from one another in order to prevent your items from getting mixed up. And two of the zippered sections are actually water resistant, for those days when you go for a run on a rainy day.

Nathan Trail Mix Plus 2

Admittedly, this running belt might look a little bit silly at first, with its two neon green water bottles, but it’s a great buy. These 10-ounce bottles encompass a large pouch in the center of the belt which can hold your belongings. The belt itself can adjust anywhere from 26 to 44 inches. If you’re unable to find a drink on your run or if you live in a hot, dry climate, you might want to consider this belt.

SPIbelt Large Pocket

The SPIbelt is a zippered pouch that is great for carrying a great deal of objects, particularly large smartphones. With its adjustable band and snug fit, the SPIbelt is simply one of the best running belts you can use on a daily basis. Another thing to note: the belt’s synthetic fabric is very good at dispelling sweat.